June 29, 2010

Summer Starts Slow

  The start of the summer was suppose to be one of organization.  Then starting July 1st, I will do nada. I will read, watch movies, take walks, and craft.  yay!!  But first, I need to tackle our bedroom and somehow fit everything in all the drawers.  

However, I am procrastinating - and I am watching perhaps the WORST movie ever made.  It is called Perfect Strangers, made in 1984.  The acting is awful, the plot is silly and laughable.  But I can't stop watching it. A hit man's crime is witnessed by a toddler, and becomes obsessed with finding this 1 year old to clear his name and take care of the problem (um. maybe hurting the kid?) The acting is laughable and unconvincing.  The hit man decides to stalk the mother and pick her up, pretend to date her in order to see if the child remembers his face or not.  The actions of the hit man doesn't make any sense.  Their pick up lines sound like this "Are you lost?  Yeah, I think I might be.  Well I'm lost too, let's see if Matthew my baby can lead us both home"  THAT is how these two start talking.  Then within 20 seconds the mother hands over her child this complete psycho stranger!!!!!
This is moment, I need to turn off the movie - because it is so awful.  Sorry for quick recap of this heinous movie, but I needed to share this with someone.
Perhaps cleaning my closet would be more entertaining.       


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