June 14, 2010

Monday monday

The dreaded B word. I loathe the word. I'll whisper it to you know what I mean...I hate the word bored. AH. I hate even typing it! I am as a child, I may have tossed that word around a time or two, but I am finding that more and more kids can not seem to occupy themselves! What gives?!

This summer I am hoping to get alot of projects done that perhaps fell by the wayside this year. We also have planned a lot of fun day trips, but certainly not one for every day! Therefore, it is up to Little to occupy himself when we are not entertaining him with circus events, fairs and carnivals, and museum trips. Following me around the house looking mopey is NOT a friendly experience!

What I like most about this is that some of the activities are clearly CHORES.

And I don't know what is stopping a child from just picking again till they get something they want to do.....like play video games. hmmm. This is something I need to think about.Somewhat Simple created a "Bored Jar" and I really like its presentation (which is everything!).

The idea is to come up with a list of things to do, fun and not-so-fun, so when the child is feeling bored, they can entertain themselves. The list that I came up with has over 20 activities, though some of them are repeated (like dusting and cleaning!). Below is an example of the lists I am using for the jar.

Another blog that had a fabulous "Bored Jar" was KMcKay Designs. The fonts she uses are so darn cute! She also has a ton of other fun activities for kids to make - if you want to check it out!

Summer has never been so crafty!!

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