October 08, 2009

Walk the Red Carpet

Though I should be monitoring the hallway, I am currently squinting over my laptop, ignoring all the students who walk by without passes. Let them is my attitude right now.

I have discovered, once again, what I would like to do when I move to a larger home! As I always knew, but never found the actual proof, I want to make my own movie theater! I found a woman, in Kentucky, who has done just that.

PolkaDotChair gave me an immense amount of inspirat
ion. If you have not visited this blog before, I urge you to drop everything you are doing (except if its holding a baby!), and check it out. She has the most vibrant projects!

Why I mention this site...

Mr. and I have talked for awhile about making own home theater outdoors. It just hasn't come to fruition yet. It involves a screen (which we don't have), a projector (can't check that off the list either), and chairs (got that!). However, the problem with outdoor theaters are - what happens when its cold? or rainy? I can't see myself sitting under our immense trees in the snow to watch a flick. Indoor theater is the only answer!

After searching on Polkadotchair's blog, I discovered she created her own theater in her basement! Wahoo! Yowza!! It looks JUST how I imagined ours to be! ...and I fell in love.

La-Z-Boy offers actual movie chairs! I checked out the website. I was completely speechless, as they were exactly what I would want in our home - I wish I could afford the very pricey seats of luxury! They have all different set-ups, which would work with any space. This person positioned the back row of seats on a "stage" so it was a bit higher - and all chairs could properly see the screen.
Since Mr. loves popcorn, and inhales it when we are at the movies (to a point in which I worry he will choke), getting a popcorn machine seems only the next logical step in my made-up theater. We could either buy a full size machine or table top. I figure the one that carries the most pop will be what we go with :)

Minutes later....

Could it be?! There is a website dedicated to my cause! A whole site filled with theater and concession signs, official chairs, cinema sconces, and theater rope!

The Cinema Shop has opened my eyes to a whole new design plan!
Yes. You can actually purchase a concession stand. Though I'm not sure why you would buy this for $2,300 when you can take a trip to your local Home Depot, buy wood - and Voila! a case! (after you use nails and a hammer of course!)

Now that my decorating plans are underway....all I need is a space to put it in!


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Karen said...

Home theatre outdoors.........deep down inside you're still trying to revive the drive-in :)