October 07, 2009

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Read the Writing on the Wall.

Chalkboard? Not just for school anymore.

After deciding I was done teaching at 2:05 (twenty minutes before my Period 9 actually ends) - I started looking through trillions of blogs for my "next" project. It hit me like a ton of bricks. or chalkboards. Mr. and I (mostly me) are using pieces of scrap paper to write down notes in the kitchen, either about what our shopping list will consist of, or notes to each other. Why not write it in large letters on the wall?

How FUN would it be to have a blackboard in the kitchen! Because I don't see enough blackboards throughout my day - I thought I would bring the job home :)

I feel like Mr. and I bought the spray blackboard paint years ago to decorate in a five year old's room...but we never did it. I might have to steal away to my mother-in-law's house (oh my! I never said that before!) and see if the paint is hiding somewhere.

Apply two coats of paint (try Krylon Chalkboard Paint) using a small sponge applicator or roller, as the fibers in regular paintbrushes tend to leave behind streaks. Chalkboard paint comes in both liquid and spray versions. If you try the spray, be sure to cover the surrounding area carefully to prevent spatter!!

You could really coat anything - cabinets, walls, trays, dishes....its endless!

I like the idea of writing little notes on the board...but then how do you erase? How wants one of those stuffy black erasers lying around in their kitchen? Not me! Glue scraps of vintage fabric, wallpaper, and old ads to the backs of standard erasers for retro appeal. Cheerful children's blocks are reinvented as erasers simply by gluing a piece of felt to one side.

Happy writing!


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Karen said...

Love the idea about the erasers........bet those would be a big seller on ebay!