October 07, 2009

These are a few of my favorite places


That is what I was from my favorite place -the library. Well, I wasn't technically banned, but I felt like it. I had over $20 in fines (which stands for some VERY overdue books). And I didn't have any cash to pay it down to $5, which the limit in which you can have and still take out items. After many months of longing, I finally placed my pride on the shelf, and marched into the Bernards Twp library with a baggie full of quarters, dimes, and pennies. If there was ever a way to pay my fine, twenty dollars in change would be the ticket. I was desperate, and I needed to feel the "free books" in my grasp once more. Somehow, by the grace of God, my fines diminished enough that I received permission to take books out. I did a little kick jump with excitement! It had been over three months since I entered the library, and my list of "MUST" reads ran the length of me. I quickly got lost among cookbooks, sewing guides, and travel pamphlets.

My problem wasn't I didn't read the books or lost them. The problem was I always took out too many at once. My excitement and enthusiam always outweighed the time I had to read. One time, I withdrew over 40 books. FORTY! Now, with only two weeks to read these books, unless I was retired or bedridden, there was very little potential I would actually be able to read this many.

But THIS time would be different. I told myself before I walked into the library that I wouldn't get ahead of myself. I pinkie swore with myself that I would only take out five books. Only as many books as I have fingers on my right hand would I allow myself to take out. NO MATTER WHAT I FOUND.

WEAKNESS: Cookbooks. I went to the wrong aisle if I wanted to stay true to myself. I closed my eyes and grabbed the first four books I touched on the shelf. Cupcakes! I chose the right shelf!! My final and fifth selection stood in the front of the library under new releases. I wanted a book on zombies. Specifically, how to handle myself if zombies were to attack the world. WHAT WAS I TO DO IF I DIDN'T HAVE THIS INFORMATION AT MY FINGERTIPS?!

Five books. I quickly, and without looking around (too much) checked out and ran for my car.

Success! The library and I are one again.


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