October 29, 2009

Promise Broken

I told myself. I pinkie swore. I promised that I wouldn't do it. Here I am, completely in over my head. I took too many books out of the library again. It started out smart, I only had five books -and I actually read/listened to them (if they were audio). Then I had the bright idea that instead of just browsing the shelves, I would put a lot of books on hold - and slowly they would trickle in from other sister libraries, and be at my finger tops. In my head it would take months! There was a clear understanding I wouldn't check them all out at once.
Then miracuously, ALL the books appeared in the library! It took less than one week - and they all were ready. I had exactly 24 books on hold - and now 24 books to pick up. I am a mix between excited and nervous. It's like a first date - I don't know what to expect, and I can't imagine what the librarian will think when I stroll in with suitcase, ready to be filled with paper goodness!

hours later....
I went to the library and met the evil and curous eyes of hte librarian woan behind the counter. They couldn't imagine how ONE person will read this many and not have to pay fines. I loudly and confidently told them all that I would return their darlings back before curfew. I snickered to myself, and wobbly walked out holding my weight in novels.

What books peeked my interest? What could I possibly want that I felt the need to take out 24 different versions of?

I took out some of the following books:

Book Thief by Zusak, Markus

World War X by Max Brooks

Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen

Cooking Fun 121 Simple Recipes for Kids

The Magicians by Grossman, Lev

More from Magnolia : recipes from the world-famous bakery and Allysa Torey's home kitchen by Torey, Allysa

Bake me, I'm yours- cupcake by Belgrove, Joan

These are a few of the books that peeked my interest.....


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Brad said...

i love your little webblog/email thingy. you're too funny. you should think about getting the entire collection and printing them in one large volume book. you've got just enough wit to make for funny read. i'd buy it if you printed it :)