July 30, 2008

Shield the sun not your heart

Our wedding will be held in the dead of the summer. Jersey summer. For those that are from this lovely state, can bear witness to the humidity. It strikes fear and terror in most, and makes young and old cry. I whine. Hair styles frizz. Mr sweats profusely. What can be done?

Besides carrying around a portable fan, or having it totally indoors in the lovely air conditioning - one thing comes to mind. umbrellas. I love umbrellas. and I love them more with designs on them. practical? sure :)

July 29, 2008

Mail box at your wedding

Often I wonder, who really uses those ugly (in my opinion) white laced boxes at weddings to put cards in? (and by saying this, I sincerely hope I am not offending anyone). I think each piece of the wedding should reflect you as a person, you as a couple. And that white laced box screams I am boring.
However, in my searches, I have found a beach lantern to hold cards in. I love. Shore Chic has some items that I find appealing. Some of the typical "shore" wedding items are listed there as well. I can't see our wedding decked out in plastic shells glued to baskets, or anything along that line.....Shore Chic (for the most part) gives you a different edge to the beachy look....

July 25, 2008

Fridays on the Cheap

What to do when your wallet is empty and the only thing weighing down your pockets is lint. (must be alot of lint - if its weighing your pockets down!)

You check out the local section in your newspaper (P.S. - Fridays usually have the best info!). There are a TON of fabulous places to go for less than ten dollars!

In the Morris County area of New Jersey I have compiled a list of places to check out. Most weekends these places hold different shows or events.

July 23, 2008

The D word

People ask, "So- have you looked for a dress?" My response to them is always the same. A flat no. Simply, I don't have the energy to search through stores looking for the perfect outfit for the perfect day, only to curse myself for not going to the gym more. No, sir. I will not torture myself.

I told myself that after summer school is over, my schedule will be clear. I then, will be able to go to the gym. Till then, it will have to wait.

But then this morning happened. I was searching through the normal blogs when I stumbled upon this dress. A polka-dot heaven. I am in love.

It is a Caroline Herrera polka dot wedding dress and it is is absolutely sensational. I can totally see myself twirling around in this number.

*sigh* Maybe I shouldn't put off the gym......

July 21, 2008

NEW Topic - DIY (Do It Yourself)

Yay!! I am so excited to clean. to purge. to start anew. and with that - comes no longer my craft room, but a craft closet. Life creates change. and with that, my craft room is being converted to a bedroom (yay) but I can still have a craft closet (or two).

Every week (I hope) I would like to post a do it yourself project on my blog. the subject could be anything.....but I have a feeling mostly wedding (for now!)

I visited Martha Stewart's Craft site for the first time and I feel like I've been living under a rock for never knowing about this site until now! What a fantastic resource to plan any event, especially a wedding!! Wonderful ideas are all over the site from bouquets made out of tissue paper to favor boxes, but I am especially loving the hanging paper flowers! (I already bought this kit to make our own!!) I never considered myself a fan of Martha, but she is slowly winning me over :)

Mundane Mondays - a rant. a ramble. (With a hint of wedding)

This past weekend was Mr's family picnic. This was the first time seeing alot of his family since our engagement. Therefore, we had to retell our engagement a few dozen times - Though I didn't mind THAT part - Alot of people asked about the wedding. details. Lots and lots of details.

When we first got engaged, we booked the three major point RIGHT away: the place (and date), the music and photography. Since then, we have taken a long break. a hiatus from the wedding industry. I haven't really thought about the wedding much since the summer has started - and I am feeling somewhat guilty.

I feel like there should be more planning, more gathering of information - but what information am I gathering?! What should I be looking for? What is the next step? I have no clue.

I can only focus so long on the wedding itself. Because though I am thrilled to be getting married - it seems like alot of energy to put into something that will only last a few hours. I am MORE excited (hate to say it) but to plan our vacation for our 1 year anniversary. haha - planning an anniversary vacation already, you might think, is foolish. However, THAT is what I am looking more forward to - spending all my days with Mr. NOT just the ONE big day.

I am not trying to take away the special moment - because I am very excited for July 10th. But I am more excited to get to hang out with my family that day. I am more excited to dance my heart out. I am tickled to think of our "first" dance. THOSE are the things that I can't wait for - and to me, picking out all these other small details (though RIGHT up my alley as far as planning!) it seems like a big deal.......

OKAY - so on that note - these are the small things that I am interested in...but do ALL these small things make the wedding? I say YES.

I don't know if you can tell what these things are: Wedding tissues. If anyone is like me, crying is their deal. I cry. I cry at everything.

The saying: Tears of Joy Tears of Laughter to a Happily Ever After" I think is PERFECT.

Props to my favorite hand- made site: Etsy.com

July 02, 2008

Wino Wednesday

Who doesn't love wine? phooey to you. I am in love with BIG HOUSE PINK wine for not one but TWO reasons.

For starters, it tastes good. That always plays a factor when choosing wine - or really any beverage. Who wants to drink something that tastes like cat poop? Or smells like it?

Secondly, it comes in a four pack. A FOUR PACK FOR WINE?! What would be the point. I orginally, I had no clue. But after finishing one on my own in about five gulps, I came across the reason. Shear satitisfaction. Some would argue - but I think it is so you can say I drank a WHOLE bottle, when really the bottle is no bigger than a can of Cola.