July 02, 2008

Wino Wednesday

Who doesn't love wine? phooey to you. I am in love with BIG HOUSE PINK wine for not one but TWO reasons.

For starters, it tastes good. That always plays a factor when choosing wine - or really any beverage. Who wants to drink something that tastes like cat poop? Or smells like it?

Secondly, it comes in a four pack. A FOUR PACK FOR WINE?! What would be the point. I orginally, I had no clue. But after finishing one on my own in about five gulps, I came across the reason. Shear satitisfaction. Some would argue - but I think it is so you can say I drank a WHOLE bottle, when really the bottle is no bigger than a can of Cola.

2 hearts about my post:

3creativechics said...

I am new to your blog and found you through BF. I found your Wino Wednesday posts and really injoyed reading them. I love wine and love to try different kinds. I am going to try and find BIG HOUSE PINK and try it out. Living in Oklahoma I don't think I've seen it around but I am sure going to look for it.

Kara Marie said...

Thanks so much for reading!!! I'm glad someone likes wine as much as I do :)