July 23, 2008

The D word

People ask, "So- have you looked for a dress?" My response to them is always the same. A flat no. Simply, I don't have the energy to search through stores looking for the perfect outfit for the perfect day, only to curse myself for not going to the gym more. No, sir. I will not torture myself.

I told myself that after summer school is over, my schedule will be clear. I then, will be able to go to the gym. Till then, it will have to wait.

But then this morning happened. I was searching through the normal blogs when I stumbled upon this dress. A polka-dot heaven. I am in love.

It is a Caroline Herrera polka dot wedding dress and it is is absolutely sensational. I can totally see myself twirling around in this number.

*sigh* Maybe I shouldn't put off the gym......

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