July 21, 2008

Mundane Mondays - a rant. a ramble. (With a hint of wedding)

This past weekend was Mr's family picnic. This was the first time seeing alot of his family since our engagement. Therefore, we had to retell our engagement a few dozen times - Though I didn't mind THAT part - Alot of people asked about the wedding. details. Lots and lots of details.

When we first got engaged, we booked the three major point RIGHT away: the place (and date), the music and photography. Since then, we have taken a long break. a hiatus from the wedding industry. I haven't really thought about the wedding much since the summer has started - and I am feeling somewhat guilty.

I feel like there should be more planning, more gathering of information - but what information am I gathering?! What should I be looking for? What is the next step? I have no clue.

I can only focus so long on the wedding itself. Because though I am thrilled to be getting married - it seems like alot of energy to put into something that will only last a few hours. I am MORE excited (hate to say it) but to plan our vacation for our 1 year anniversary. haha - planning an anniversary vacation already, you might think, is foolish. However, THAT is what I am looking more forward to - spending all my days with Mr. NOT just the ONE big day.

I am not trying to take away the special moment - because I am very excited for July 10th. But I am more excited to get to hang out with my family that day. I am more excited to dance my heart out. I am tickled to think of our "first" dance. THOSE are the things that I can't wait for - and to me, picking out all these other small details (though RIGHT up my alley as far as planning!) it seems like a big deal.......

OKAY - so on that note - these are the small things that I am interested in...but do ALL these small things make the wedding? I say YES.

I don't know if you can tell what these things are: Wedding tissues. If anyone is like me, crying is their deal. I cry. I cry at everything.

The saying: Tears of Joy Tears of Laughter to a Happily Ever After" I think is PERFECT.

Props to my favorite hand- made site: Etsy.com

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