July 02, 2013

Cayenne Margaritas and thoughts

One of my favorite places to spend my summer days is my parents' shore house.  There's something about salty air, the call of seagulls, and being able to catch your dinner right in the backyard that puts life into perspective.   Every weekend, we leave our troubles in North Jersey, as we drive down the Parkway to Exit 58. Seven of us, my favorite seven people in the world spend each (or most) Friday nights through Sunday nights together.  Between board games, fishing, eating (lots of eating), and drinking, memories are made.

This past weekend, A created a wickedly delicious margarita recipe.   

She always has the best concoctions - so we left it up to her to make the mixings. 

I've been on a super fruit kick, and before we left for the shore, A asked if I like grapefruit. I can say in all honesty, I find them irritating to eat because I can never open them like people say. Instead, I end up squirting myself in the eye.  With that being said, A decided to create a fun mix to ring in Saturday night :)

Cayenne Grapefruit Margaritas
Tequila 12 oz
grapefruit juice 22 oz
tonic water 14 oz
cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp
This should make 6 drinks!
(The original recipe she found called for simple syrup, but I'm not a fan - so she switched to Tonic water which is also no cal)

You can even see the pepper floating on the top. 

It had just enough pop to open your sinuses but not too much that you sneezed (maybe that's just me) or cause you to gag. 

You can either use grapefruit juice OR squeeze fresh grapefruit - which we tried but it was SUPER duper messy. 

Try and let me know what you think!


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