January 04, 2011

52 weeks of baking...or just 51

As previously stated in other posts, I decided last year that completely ONE single resolution wasn't enough for me (seriously what was I thinking?!). I wanted to come up with monthly goals, and this year I came up with goals that involved the number 3 (because really, who doesn't like a theme?).  In addition to those goals, I came up with something else that may not help me lose weight....but will definitely make our tummies happy!

There are so many recipes that I would like to try so I decided as part of my New Year's resolution I would bake once a week.  Sundays maybe?  But seeing that I already passed the FIRST SUNDAY of the year, I am one step behind.....I hope this isn't a look into things to come for the year!  I have a few days to figure out something to bake.......so many delicious recipes to try!

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Karen said...

better to only bake 51 weeks (because it's divisible by 3!)