December 12, 2008

Reason #103 and beyond - TV moments

As Mr. and I were watching TV the other night, a character on our favorite show, Gossip Girl, did something really stupid (I can't remember the ACTUAL act - but nonetheless - I do remember it was something "Chuck" said to a girl). It was a really unwise statement, so as we watched, we both feel the need to shout at the TV when something doesn't go the way WE think it should.
So on this very night, after the character "Chuck" insulted another character, instead of calling him a typical rude insult- Mr. instead called him a "dumbbell." I just melted. It was an insult that you would use when you were in 1st grade (and maybe in the 1950s because I think 1st graders are really harsh in modern times). Mr. was cute about it, as he was so involved with the show - that his one small comment reaffirmed a hundred times over the many reasons why I love him.
To add to that fact, at the end of the show, the "villian" character's parent died - and being a 17 year old, the character did not handle it well. He would drink excessively and just had a complete meltdown. The last scene he was sitting on the bed of the girl he goes back and forth with, and he looked so pitiful. I looked over at Mr, and he was in fact, crying. And in a cracked voice, he tells me that he just feels so bad for him....again.

I don't know who my future husband is turning into - but every day he surprises me and amazes me....

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