December 09, 2008


"Christmas bells are ringing!" The sounds of Christmas music blares in all convinent stores, fancy boutiques and sometimes (if you are lucky!) music is playing sweetly down Main Streets.
Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. Between the holiday cheer and finding that "perfect" gift - I can't help but smiling :)

I have never been to a Live Nativity Scene and for some reason, this year I feel like going to one. Where can I go? That is a good question - but I have the answer! Here in Northern New Jersey, there are surprisingly alot of live Nativity scenes...

In addition to the Nativity (the true start of Christmas) I adore Christmas lights. After plugging in , what must have been over twenty lit decorations throughout my house, and about forty strands of lights outside, I turned off my regular lamps - and basked in the glow of the Christmas spirit. I sometimes wonder what my neighbors think.....

Moving away from the lights and the manger, I love Christmas for a multitude of reasons. I love the magic in the air. Yes, I still believe in Santa Claus. I believe that average people can turn someone's world around - but sadly, we only do it around the holidays. I love Christmas music. Something about all the songs I sang, rather loudly as a child, remind me of a more simple time. I love finding the "perfect" gift. I become giddy thinking about the receiver's reaction when they open up my gift.

I also love hte cookies. the piles and miles of cookies my mom and I bake. One or two days full of chocolately goodness wafting through the kitchen. I makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

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