December 09, 2008

getting a second job

I was thinking about getting a second job - because teaching pay just 'ain't covern it'. Bills and bills - I could lose myself in the pile, In addition, that I'm starting to think that weddings do not pay for themselves......

After thinking long and hard about my second career, I stumbled upon an old blog of mine when I ACTUALLY got a part-time job at a local coffee shop called Ro-Co Lounge in Boonton. I loved it. But not for the reasons most would think. I don't think I ever made more than 10 dollars a day in tips, and min wage just doesn't cut it when you are attempting to pay the mortgage.
However, I did have alot of time to think...and think. NO ONE ever came in. That is probably the sole reason I quit and they closed their doors (last drive by attempt - they turned into a lawyer's office - boo hiss - where's the coffee drinks???).

I had alot of time to write, and draw, and read...all the things that wonderfully happened during my short-lasted part-time job. This is an entry from an old blog I had - Christmas time was starting...and on this note, I am (again) going to make myself some tea.....three years later.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

here i sit at my other job. the internet has now become my enemy bc it is the only thing i have to occupy myself. there is only so much coffee one can drink and times you can clean the expresso machine without totally loses your mind. atleast its quiet and i have time to myself - really with this new found time, i should be doing something constructive. instead, i talk online(such a high school thing to do), procrastinate work, glare at the coffee maker which burns me everytime i touch it, and text message my boyfriend - bc talking on the phone is SOO overrated.

I think of grand schemes to scheme(haha) and think about what would happen if i actually went through with one of them. i think i would fall over. that is right - i would just tilt a little to the side(you can chose left or right) and just fall straight to the ground.

im going to see how long i can type for about the most random things. and that is right - its been 50 mins since my last customer. i say PACK IT UP AND GO HOME!! but no. we are open till 8 and i could really just the extra minimum wage im making here.

i have run out of ideas to type so now i am going to go get some tea. the black kind. and no im not trying to be racial....

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