August 25, 2013

Drinks on me!

I'm a little behind in posting about our mail, and when I put it like that, it doesn't sound very fun at all.    BeSpoke Post caters to men, (but I say pshh), and allows the subscriber to pick from 2-3 types of themes each month.  They select one hip box, and at the end of the month,it is mailed to your doorstep.  I kinda fell in love with this after seeing some of the previous boxes.

This box, Slate, I sadly missed. But it came with a giant piece of slate to use as a cutting board, a knife, and some mustards and dips.  
Roast pretty much had Mr's name written all over it.  I knew I had to order this box for us (him, I meant him.)

Last month's shipment was entitled "Agave." Inspired by a classic drink, this box contains everything from the glasses, ice cube tray, lemon squeezer, and shaker. 

I'm not much of a mixed drinker, but I couldn't help but fall in love with the ice ball molds.  They are like mini baseball ice cubes.  And for someone who LOVES ice in drinks, I snatched these up and stuck them immediately in the freezer.  

After taking a peek at the merch, I love the embossed glasses the best.  Don Julio, premium tequila, put their logo on the bottom, but I think it adds something to it. 

Also included in this set: Juicer, Boston shaker, julep strainer, and a jigger. Jigga what? I think that's all a true gentleman needs - oh yeah, that and some actual liquor.  I guess shipping liquor through the mail would cost more than $45 of awesome. But regardless, we are loving our box! Till next month! 


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