July 06, 2012

Christmas gift comes out of the closet

Months ago I listed on my blog what I wanted for Christmas, in hopes that Mr. would read it and take the hint. Lucky for me, he did.  I scored BIG for Christmas.  One item I lusted after, intimidates me and delights me.  The Cricut. It was the talk of the town on Christmas day. My aunt also has one, and it is my uncle who uses it to make stars for my cousin's girl scout troups, hearts for the Valentine's Day dance.  I think with this new news, Mr. wanted to join in on the fun.  After watching the new Cricut sit on our couch for a month after Christmas, I decided to take it out of the box.  That was the first step.  A week later, I plugged it in...I wasn't sure what to do.  Mr. and I spent an entire afternoon playing with it - printing out signs and words.  I created a monster.  When I went updstairs, Mr. continued to print out COFFEE font.  He then discovered Modge POdge - and modge podged the words everywhere in our house, on every blank jar or canister.   Between the newly labeled "Flour" container, and the "Coffee" jar - I think if anyone is unclear where our loose pantry items are housed, they will have a clue now.

Fast forward five months......
After our initial Cricut party, we haven't used it since then.  I have deduced it is for two reasons: no space to keep it permanently. Every time I want to use it, I have to dig through a VERY cluttered closet for it, and then in a completely different area for paper.  My second reason, and probably main reason is I truly don't know what to do with it.

   If you are like me, too intimidated to use this machine, here are some ideas! Hopefully my summer will consist of some fun Cricut projects!
from Craftypod.com
found on hgtv.com
Found on Sewwoodsy.com

Hope you found some inspiration! I can't wait to dig up my machine and start something great! I don't know who is more excited about using it soon - me or Mr  :)


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