May 25, 2011

Please find me a couple to snack with

Not that I am lonely, but two is always better than one.  When it comes to snacking I mean.

Two snacks are always more endearing than one - and what if they hardly added calories to your diet? Even better!  What can you add to your tasty cold ice cream to make it even more delicious?!

Breyers, when on sale (because I refuse to pay 4.99 for anything that will go straight to my hips, but I will let it go for 1.99, compliments my evenings.  I am always drawn to the "bad" ice creams - the ones with all the glitz and glam.  I like chopped nuts, broken cookies, crumbs, and drizzle in my ice cream.  None of this plain crap.  BUT wait.

Breyer's Double Churn Fat Free Ice cream mixed with Reddi Whip Fat free - for under 100 calories, I can afford to toss an oreo (reduced fat) in there and make my own blender.

What about Breyer's Loaded Cookie and Cream ice cream and strawberry jam/sugar free? Have you tried this combo? What are you waiting for????

What about floats? I haven't had one in ages...and I am getting the hankering...but all that carbination....burp central. What if a Dr.Pepper float? Let's try Fat free low sugar garbage Dr. Pepper and Breyer's Slow Churn light and creamy vanilla.

I have snacks on the brain....and that's all I can think of now - anything and everything having to do with ice cream :)


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