December 29, 2009

My own Personal Goals

Each year I set forth to stick to my New Year's resolution - and each year, about three days into it, I fail. I jump head first off the train - and purposely sabotage whatever I was planning on "sticking to." I am hoping this year will be different. It must be.

The goals I have in mind will start off small. Simply have monthly goals -

January's goal I am already trying to achieve and that is:
Simplify. Minimize. downgrade. We have SO much stuff - I really want to spend the month sorting through each room, and reorganizing furniture, wall hangings, belongings - and decide what we outgrew (or just what I outgrew), and rearranging everything so there is less.

My second goal (which I attempt every year) is to actually get healthy. Get on the path to rightousness through my diet and exercise (lack of!). I am carrying around all of this weight, making me feel less like me. If I could find excerise TWICE a week (in any shape or form) for the month of January - that would be 8x more than normal.

Craft space.
I would like a space of my own.

Those are my lofty JANUARY goals. I will post how I do at the end of the month, and hopefully - I will not dissappoint!


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