December 10, 2009

Craft Room Part #2

I can't help but think that due to recent events, I really could use my own space (just to clarify: not a separate place - but a place in our home). A space that I could shut the door, and just focus on my own needs/wants. Till that day actually comes, I will gladly settle for a closet. And yes, that is what I am getting - a craft closet. Doesn't sound that appealing? My closet will put others to shame! After the new year, and the holidays are an after thought, my dad and I will construct the oh-mighty craft closet. I am so excited!
I can picture it now....shelves and shelves of buttons and fabrics. Oodles of glass jars filled to the brim with fine tipped scrapbooking markers. Oh the thought makes my heart flutter. I am hoping to put my sewing machine in there so I can just work away!


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Rannyjean said...

I too have a small closet to sew and craft in! I am so proud at how much I can get in it!