October 23, 2014

Gift for My Husband

Many days go by, and I don't think about my husband.  That sounds harsh, but I feel that life is so crazy and we are so busy, that by the time I get home from work, I have just enough energy to plop on the couch and pass out.  

I miss our dates. I miss doing stuff with just him.  For his birthday, I decided to make something that we could enjoy together.  We often like to eat out - but seem to pick the same 5 places (all of which we love!), but there are so many interesting places we mean to try and forget about!

(Drum roll please!) I made him a Food Passport :)
I cut white paper in fourths, and then stapled them together like a book. I didn't count the pages, so basically I shoved as many pages I could without having the staples bust. On my lunch breaks, I drew many many lines on each page - so each page would house two restaurants. 

After asking everyone under the sun to list their favorite restaurants, and then looking up menus online - I compiled a lengthy list of 100-plus places to dine.  Some focus on a specific cuisine, others I picked because of its location or beautiful views.

Just like a passport, we stamp each restaurant square after visiting, leaving comments on our experience.


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