March 25, 2013

Tea-se me

The amount of tea choices at the local grocery store is a bit overwhelming.  However, trying to find a tea that doesn't contain "Natural flavoring" is quite difficult.  After giving up ALL forms of sugar (minus that in fruit), it has come to my attention that no one knows truly what is in certain products. I always assume that tea was healthy - don't ask me where or when I started to believe that, but I did.

However, after spending a solid hour in the Tea/Coffee aisle, it became clear to me that most teas actually contain sugar in some form.  The Republic of Tea wins the prize for the most varied tea choices, but which ones are good for you?  I suppose they are all better than a soda, but when you are attempting the Whole30, you need to pay attention to what you are brewing.

I like the idea of canisters, though I feel like it's a waste just throwing them out.  What can you do with them when you are done with the tea?

The coconut Cocoa tea sounds WONDERFUL, especially with a splash of your choice of milk (almond milk I prefer).  To me, this seems like dessert :) The plus side to this is that it's Caffeine free.  Hey - you could do worse damage to your body, right?  

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