September 25, 2008

9 months and change

I am marrying a man who....

- leaves work to bring my class hot wings because he knows its a student's birthday
- is adorable when he first wakes up...the mop of hair is too much
- loves me so much that I can't imagine how much he will love our children
- forgets what he did at work that day, but will remember the first time he knew I was everything for him, first kiss, my birthday, our engagement date.....
-treats my friends and family as his own...and better
- tells me I'm beautiful even when I'm feeling anything but...
- has a million nicknames for me, but saves "Kara Marie" for when he is serious....
- is incredibley smart and has no idea
- still makes my heart race when he pulls into the driveway
- combs my hair with his fingers as I'm falling asleep
- is my best friend in the entire world.

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Lara said...

i just love this.