December 29, 2009

My own Personal Goals

Each year I set forth to stick to my New Year's resolution - and each year, about three days into it, I fail. I jump head first off the train - and purposely sabotage whatever I was planning on "sticking to." I am hoping this year will be different. It must be.

The goals I have in mind will start off small. Simply have monthly goals -

January's goal I am already trying to achieve and that is:
Simplify. Minimize. downgrade. We have SO much stuff - I really want to spend the month sorting through each room, and reorganizing furniture, wall hangings, belongings - and decide what we outgrew (or just what I outgrew), and rearranging everything so there is less.

My second goal (which I attempt every year) is to actually get healthy. Get on the path to rightousness through my diet and exercise (lack of!). I am carrying around all of this weight, making me feel less like me. If I could find excerise TWICE a week (in any shape or form) for the month of January - that would be 8x more than normal.

Craft space.
I would like a space of my own.

Those are my lofty JANUARY goals. I will post how I do at the end of the month, and hopefully - I will not dissappoint!


December 17, 2009

A little peak?

Adorning my Rainbow Brite pjs, I was not a child who ever snooped through the closets to find my Christmas gifts. I liked the element of surprise. Had I even known where the gifts were hidden, I don't think I would have given into the temptation of peaking.

This year, it wasn't hard for me to find my gifts - because I was the one buying them. Sad to say, but this is the first year I REALLY knew what I was getting :( .... (that should imitate a tear rolling down my computer face). But that isn't too say I didn't LOVE my gifts!
Mr. bought me a new SLR digital camera with all the perks, and though I have forgotten everything I learned in photography classes, I can't wait to take pictures of all my projects and fun times.

However, probably the funniest gift I saw this year was purchased by a dear friend of mine for another friend. My love for umbrellas and the unusual makes this single gift perhaps the most amusing.

A Samurai sword umbrella. Practical and cheeky. love it :) Thanks Julie for finding this wonderful gift, and thanks to Jeremiah for totally appreciating the humor and practicality.

One of my favorite purchases was a for a friend. However, I can not post about the gifts because I know they haven't received it in the mail yet. (That is mainly because the package is STILL sitting in place of where our Christmas tree was!) I will post soon.

Till then, Happy Tuesday.


December 10, 2009

Craft Room Part #2

I can't help but think that due to recent events, I really could use my own space (just to clarify: not a separate place - but a place in our home). A space that I could shut the door, and just focus on my own needs/wants. Till that day actually comes, I will gladly settle for a closet. And yes, that is what I am getting - a craft closet. Doesn't sound that appealing? My closet will put others to shame! After the new year, and the holidays are an after thought, my dad and I will construct the oh-mighty craft closet. I am so excited!
I can picture it now....shelves and shelves of buttons and fabrics. Oodles of glass jars filled to the brim with fine tipped scrapbooking markers. Oh the thought makes my heart flutter. I am hoping to put my sewing machine in there so I can just work away!