October 29, 2009

Promise Broken

I told myself. I pinkie swore. I promised that I wouldn't do it. Here I am, completely in over my head. I took too many books out of the library again. It started out smart, I only had five books -and I actually read/listened to them (if they were audio). Then I had the bright idea that instead of just browsing the shelves, I would put a lot of books on hold - and slowly they would trickle in from other sister libraries, and be at my finger tops. In my head it would take months! There was a clear understanding I wouldn't check them all out at once.
Then miracuously, ALL the books appeared in the library! It took less than one week - and they all were ready. I had exactly 24 books on hold - and now 24 books to pick up. I am a mix between excited and nervous. It's like a first date - I don't know what to expect, and I can't imagine what the librarian will think when I stroll in with suitcase, ready to be filled with paper goodness!

hours later....
I went to the library and met the evil and curous eyes of hte librarian woan behind the counter. They couldn't imagine how ONE person will read this many and not have to pay fines. I loudly and confidently told them all that I would return their darlings back before curfew. I snickered to myself, and wobbly walked out holding my weight in novels.

What books peeked my interest? What could I possibly want that I felt the need to take out 24 different versions of?

I took out some of the following books:

Book Thief by Zusak, Markus

World War X by Max Brooks

Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen

Cooking Fun 121 Simple Recipes for Kids

The Magicians by Grossman, Lev

More from Magnolia : recipes from the world-famous bakery and Allysa Torey's home kitchen by Torey, Allysa

Bake me, I'm yours- cupcake by Belgrove, Joan

These are a few of the books that peeked my interest.....


October 08, 2009

Walk the Red Carpet

Though I should be monitoring the hallway, I am currently squinting over my laptop, ignoring all the students who walk by without passes. Let them is my attitude right now.

I have discovered, once again, what I would like to do when I move to a larger home! As I always knew, but never found the actual proof, I want to make my own movie theater! I found a woman, in Kentucky, who has done just that.

PolkaDotChair gave me an immense amount of inspirat
ion. If you have not visited this blog before, I urge you to drop everything you are doing (except if its holding a baby!), and check it out. She has the most vibrant projects!

Why I mention this site...

Mr. and I have talked for awhile about making own home theater outdoors. It just hasn't come to fruition yet. It involves a screen (which we don't have), a projector (can't check that off the list either), and chairs (got that!). However, the problem with outdoor theaters are - what happens when its cold? or rainy? I can't see myself sitting under our immense trees in the snow to watch a flick. Indoor theater is the only answer!

After searching on Polkadotchair's blog, I discovered she created her own theater in her basement! Wahoo! Yowza!! It looks JUST how I imagined ours to be! ...and I fell in love.

La-Z-Boy offers actual movie chairs! I checked out the website. I was completely speechless, as they were exactly what I would want in our home - I wish I could afford the very pricey seats of luxury! They have all different set-ups, which would work with any space. This person positioned the back row of seats on a "stage" so it was a bit higher - and all chairs could properly see the screen.
Since Mr. loves popcorn, and inhales it when we are at the movies (to a point in which I worry he will choke), getting a popcorn machine seems only the next logical step in my made-up theater. We could either buy a full size machine or table top. I figure the one that carries the most pop will be what we go with :)

Minutes later....

Could it be?! There is a website dedicated to my cause! A whole site filled with theater and concession signs, official chairs, cinema sconces, and theater rope!

The Cinema Shop has opened my eyes to a whole new design plan!
Yes. You can actually purchase a concession stand. Though I'm not sure why you would buy this for $2,300 when you can take a trip to your local Home Depot, buy wood - and Voila! a case! (after you use nails and a hammer of course!)

Now that my decorating plans are underway....all I need is a space to put it in!


October 07, 2009

Project # 17,92832132

Read the Writing on the Wall.

Chalkboard? Not just for school anymore.

After deciding I was done teaching at 2:05 (twenty minutes before my Period 9 actually ends) - I started looking through trillions of blogs for my "next" project. It hit me like a ton of bricks. or chalkboards. Mr. and I (mostly me) are using pieces of scrap paper to write down notes in the kitchen, either about what our shopping list will consist of, or notes to each other. Why not write it in large letters on the wall?

How FUN would it be to have a blackboard in the kitchen! Because I don't see enough blackboards throughout my day - I thought I would bring the job home :)

I feel like Mr. and I bought the spray blackboard paint years ago to decorate in a five year old's room...but we never did it. I might have to steal away to my mother-in-law's house (oh my! I never said that before!) and see if the paint is hiding somewhere.

Apply two coats of paint (try Krylon Chalkboard Paint) using a small sponge applicator or roller, as the fibers in regular paintbrushes tend to leave behind streaks. Chalkboard paint comes in both liquid and spray versions. If you try the spray, be sure to cover the surrounding area carefully to prevent spatter!!

You could really coat anything - cabinets, walls, trays, dishes....its endless!

I like the idea of writing little notes on the board...but then how do you erase? How wants one of those stuffy black erasers lying around in their kitchen? Not me! Glue scraps of vintage fabric, wallpaper, and old ads to the backs of standard erasers for retro appeal. Cheerful children's blocks are reinvented as erasers simply by gluing a piece of felt to one side.

Happy writing!


These are a few of my favorite places


That is what I was from my favorite place -the library. Well, I wasn't technically banned, but I felt like it. I had over $20 in fines (which stands for some VERY overdue books). And I didn't have any cash to pay it down to $5, which the limit in which you can have and still take out items. After many months of longing, I finally placed my pride on the shelf, and marched into the Bernards Twp library with a baggie full of quarters, dimes, and pennies. If there was ever a way to pay my fine, twenty dollars in change would be the ticket. I was desperate, and I needed to feel the "free books" in my grasp once more. Somehow, by the grace of God, my fines diminished enough that I received permission to take books out. I did a little kick jump with excitement! It had been over three months since I entered the library, and my list of "MUST" reads ran the length of me. I quickly got lost among cookbooks, sewing guides, and travel pamphlets.

My problem wasn't I didn't read the books or lost them. The problem was I always took out too many at once. My excitement and enthusiam always outweighed the time I had to read. One time, I withdrew over 40 books. FORTY! Now, with only two weeks to read these books, unless I was retired or bedridden, there was very little potential I would actually be able to read this many.

But THIS time would be different. I told myself before I walked into the library that I wouldn't get ahead of myself. I pinkie swore with myself that I would only take out five books. Only as many books as I have fingers on my right hand would I allow myself to take out. NO MATTER WHAT I FOUND.

WEAKNESS: Cookbooks. I went to the wrong aisle if I wanted to stay true to myself. I closed my eyes and grabbed the first four books I touched on the shelf. Cupcakes! I chose the right shelf!! My final and fifth selection stood in the front of the library under new releases. I wanted a book on zombies. Specifically, how to handle myself if zombies were to attack the world. WHAT WAS I TO DO IF I DIDN'T HAVE THIS INFORMATION AT MY FINGERTIPS?!

Five books. I quickly, and without looking around (too much) checked out and ran for my car.

Success! The library and I are one again.